.1 Show Time

An illusionist.
Thats what they call me, but what I can do is anything beyond the regular illusionists in this world who fake they're own magic just to impress the audience. No, all I need is a clear mind and excited, true heart. Today my hair was a dull grey, just like the sky, and my eyes were a burning red as I leaped into the sky and floated there watching the crowed like a bird watching its prey. Sky. Thats my name. Who knows why, perhaps my parents named me that because of how my hair changes colour everytime the sky changes colour. But why didnt they call me Ruby? For my eyes are always a shade of red one way or another. Who knows? Maybe they just picked the name at a random? Or maybe they just liked that name? I Did a gracefull twirl in the air and landed on my feet, then, waving my hands experimentaly above my chest, I slowly bagan to disappear like vapour. The hole crowed gasped and threw more and more coins into the hat my bird was carrying around in its beak. Mist, his wings looked exactly like thick, snow-white clouds that were not showing in the sky right now, no, the sky was all grey. I was now fully invisible, and everyone was looking around as if to see me hiding under a coffee table like the cowards that pretend to be invisible. A child was crying and asking her mum where I had disappeared to. I suppressed a silent giggle and walked over to the little girl. I tapped her on the shoulder, and as she looked up I slowly began to become visible again.

The hole crowed cheered and the little girls round cheeks turned to a rosy red as she put her hand out to touch me, as if to see if I was really there. When she saw that her hand touched my solid figure she clapped her hands and laughed a high pitched giggle. I strode back to the centre of the audience and  whispered unknown words into the air, and right then, before the little girls eyes, was a transparent-looking unicorn, running around in circles. The crowed cheered more enthusiasticly then ever, and quickly took pictures before the unicorn turned to mist. Another round of silver or gold coins was thrown into the hat, and Mist chirped happily as the hat was finally full to the top with coins. I went to the centre of the circle yet again, and, whispering to the wind, being ever so polite, as the wind was a sensative thing, asked it to do me one favour for the end of my show. The wind agreed as I complimented its smell of nature, and everyone was lifted six feet off the ground for a minute before the wind gently put the excited people down again. I bowed and thanked the audience as they cheered on and on. Slowly the crowed disappeared, as they all wanted to see if I would do more. I did a few basic tricks, just to settle them down, like making all the dead brown leaves around us lift into the sky and turn green when they landed, or making all the little kids hover above the air until their parents impatiently grasped them in their arms and threw a few more coins into the over flowing hat. Finally the crowed was just a few pedestrians watching me as I collected my silver rucksack, pouring all the coins into my hand-made purse and scooped the exhausted Mist off the ground and walked to the nearest shopping centre and bought us some bread. I got a few cheers and thanks from some of the people who had watched as I made my way to the park and sat on the bench to count our savings and eat some lunch.

"Whoa! Look at this, Mist. We have thirty six dollars on the dot! One more show tomorrow and it might last us a month!" I laughed as Mist jumped happily up and down. I sometimes wonder how he understands what Im saying, or whether he was a trained bird before I caught him when I was living in that hell hold of an orphanage. Luckily Mist led me to my freedom when I was eleven, otherwise I would still be in there cleaning floors and getting the cane for missing a spot. I have a better life wandering around the unkown streets, looking for my family, then I ever did there. I was still wearing my show-clothes, the silver leggings, short white plaid skirt, and my magical looking singlet when it started raining.I rolled my eyes at the sky for ruining my perfect day, and walked into the ladies public toilets to get changed. As I hopped out of my show-clothes and put on my white jeans and long sleeved silver shirt, my hair began to turn to  a light blue with yellow streaks. The sky must be blue out there now, and the sun must be shining. Wow. That was a quick rain fall. I decided since the sun is shining that I wont wear my long sleeved shirt, so I put my silver and white shirt on instead. Mist, who was covering his eyes with his beautiful wings, chirped when he saw the colour of my hair, meaning it was nice out side. I smiled at him and scooped the fist-sized bird off the top of my ruck sack and into my hands and placed him on the door frame so I could put my stuff in the ruck sack. Once everything was nicely fit I swung it on my should and let Mist fly around my head while we walked to the nearest library. Once I found the green painted building I led myself to one of the computers and put a two dollar coin into the slot. I searched up all the people with the last name as "Blue" but none of them said to have had a daughter who was sent to an orphanage. I sighed and peaked my head into the ruck sack where Mist lay hidden from the librarium.
"No luck...again" I muttered. Mist looked at me with sad eyes. I quickly pulled my head out of the bag when I heard footsteps. A plump man with a bolding head was watching me suspiciously. He probable thought I was a trouble maker because of my hair. When he caught me staring at him he quickly turned and walked away. I frowned and followed. I have to ask somebody if they knew anything about my family.

"Excuse me?" I asked as he sat back down in his chair, looking quite embarrassed.
"What?" He asked rudly, "I was just curious of your hair, no need to get your mum in here for me staring, okay?" I looked at him in confusion.
"Um, Im sorry. I dont know my mum. Which is why Im here-"
I stopped short when his eyes began to sparkle. Why was that? Oh well. He quickly looked down when he noticed my observing him.
"Which is why Im here," I continued "Do you know if any people by the last name of Blue live here?" He smiled a dark smile.
"Why yes, I do." I stared at him in disbelief. These might very well be my parants.
"C-could you tell me where?" I stuttered. The smile widened.
"Down the ally way next to Alans Pet Shop. Turn to the right when you get there and you should find the house." He explained. A house down an ally way? That was weired. For a moment I was having a day dream about my mother and father and I all on the front porch of our perfect little house, talking as carefree as if nothing in this world mattered excepte we were a family.
"Would you like me to show the way?" He interrupted my thoughts.
"No thanks, I'll manage" And I ran out of the library unzipped my ruck sack and let the confused Mist fly whereever I go, until I reached Alans Pet Shop. Mist stopped flying and was staring at all the different bird seed brands.

"Mist! What are you doing? Hurry up!" I shouted and he reluctantly obayed. I ran down the ally way, it was a narrow path, and was very long. By the time I reached the corner I was puffed. I began walking, with a huge smile on my face, ready to welcome my family, but when I turned the right corner it led to nothing but a blocked off ally. I stared in confusion...Maybe I'd gone down the wrong ally way? But there was only one ally way near the pet shop...Mist screeched so ludly that I thought is was the tires of a car on the road, but when I turned, the plump librarian was blocking my way out. His head dripping with sweat, he took three long strides towards me. My instincts were telling me to run, but I was frozen on the spot. All I could think was that my parents werent here, and I probably wont be here any longer if I dont run, but I was weighed down by all the fear and dred as he took more and more steps towards me, with that dark smile still on his lips. He took two more steps and he was so close I could feel his hot breath on my face, it smelt strongly of mint and tabacco. The smile instantly spread accross his face, and I knew I was in danger.

"G-get away from me!" My voice didnt sound as fierce as it was meant to. He only smild wider. He put one hand on my shoulder, and drew out a knife from his belt with the other. I  tried to pull myself away but he was too strong. Use your magic, a voice inside me said, but my fear consumed my magic. You need a happy heart and clear mind to do magic. But my mind and heart were full of dred. Shout!
"Hel-" I was cut off by his big hand covering my face.
"If you yell I will kill you, stay quiet and I might let you live. Agreed?" I stared in his big eyes, and felt the hot tears running down my face.
"Agreed?!" He yelled almost to loudly, shaking my body so hard that my head wobbled underneath his hand. I nodded. I wasnt going to die without knowing my family. I swear. He twisted my arm, and slowly began drawing thick,bloody lines, one by one. The blood was pouring out so fast that I could hear it dripping on the floor beneath me. I let out a loud sob. The pain was unbearable. How much blood would it take to make me faint? I sobbed again and again, until he slapped me accross the face so hard that I fell to the floor. I clamped my hand on the four long gashes on my arm, and soon my hand was hot and sticky with blood.

"I told you to be quiet!" He roared. He stomped over to me and yanked me off the ground. He ripped my hand away from my wounds and lowered the knife back down to my arm, covering my face yet again with his hand, which was now sweaty. Oh god, I thought. Oh god, please help me. He was just about to draw another long line of blood when two other strong hands grabbed me around the waist from behind. Great, I thought, now Im defintaly dead.
"Get away from her!" A unknown voice shouted. I looked up to see a tall figure with spiky black and gold hair, and wearing black jeans with a yellow shirt standing in front of me. The librarian only laughed.
"Do you think your going to stop me?" He asked, and swung his hand to punch the boy, but he grabbed the fist and  twisted it in a sickly way.
"Yes, I do." And with that the man was soon rigged and vibrating as if he just got electrocuted and he dropped to the floor, unconciouse.