2. A Helping Hand

The boy nudged the librarian with his foot, he bent down and ripped a long strip from the mans shirt and came towards me, hands up like someone whos confessing to be innocent to the cops. I just stared at him with my face tear stained. He bent down and without a word lifted me off the ground as if I were as  light as a feather, which I probably was for I dont eat much a week, and carried me to an old ruined couch at the end of the ally way near the big bin. He set me down on that and sat next to me. He handed me the strip and I began to blush when I reaized that he was covered in blood. I quickly tried to tie it around my arm, but I was shaking to fiercly to hold it firmly, and it kept slipping from my hands.
"Here," Said the boy, tying the strip firmly on my arm, but that still didnt take the pain away.
"T-t-thank y-you" I stuttered, and felt the tears coming again. I tried to get up, but he grabbed me again and made me sit on the itchy couch.

"You shouldnt walk just yet, your to scared to do anything. Just sit here for a few minutes, okay?" He said in a soothing voice. I only just noticed that he was a very handsom boy, with bright golden eyes, the same colour as his hair, and full lips that were turned down in the corners. I just nodded as I stared at him. Mist came and landed gently on my shoulder, but decided to go next to my hand on the couch instead because I was shaking so violently. Where had he gone just then?
"Pretty smart bird you got there," He said, as if he just read my mind. "He came to me and said you were in trouble." He said, patting the bird with his fore finger. I looked at him in astonishmeant.
"H-he told you? How?" I asked.
"Well he actually told my bird, who flew with him for me to follow. Then I saw he was taking me to he back of the ally way, so I climbed the wall and saw you trapped with the piece of vermine" He said, pointing to the man with a look of disgust on his face, "and so I saved you, it wasnt the first time hes done that, and last time I was too late" He finished, glaring at the man. While he said this he brought out a black and yellow bird with wings like lightning bolts from his bag.

"Her name is Spark, and I think she has a thing for your bird" He said, winking. Spark flied over to my bird and they stared chattering away.
"What did you do to him?" I asked, pointing a shaky finger to the librarian, my heart full of hate for that man. I thought of how excited I was when he said that people with the name Blue lived here, and now I wished him to the deepest hole in hell. Im going to have to tell the cops about him, she thought.
"I...um, well I electrocuted him. I dont really tell anybody about it, but you should know if you want to tell the cops what happened, but be sure to tell them I used a tazer, okay? Because I dont want my secret to go out." He explained, with an embarrassed expression on his face.
"But...How?" I asked.
"Its kind of hard to explaine...Well, lets just say, I can controll the ways of electricity." He looked at me, probably to see if I would laught at him, but I didnt.
"Weird?" He finished.
"No...I was actully going to say facinating, and cool. I can do magic tricks. Not just stupid magic tricks, but real ones. Want to see what I can do to that old fart down there?" I said, and he laughed, for some reason I felt as if I could express my true self to him...Weird....
"Okay then" He said. I got up, and my heart was full of warmth when he followed me. It was like I had known him my hole life. I walked towards the man and flicked my finger, and he was rolling away so fast that the birds stop chattering and stared. He rolled and rolled until he landed roughly against the cement wall. We both laughed.
"Serves him right!" He scoffed
"Hey, I never got your name? Im Sky." I held out my hand, he took it and shook it twice.
"Im Flash."
It started to get dark. What was the time?
"Whoa!" He shouted. He was staring at my hair, Great, I thought. Now he probaby thinks Im a freak. I looked up at the sky, it was yellow and pink, the sun must be setting. I looked at him and felt the blood rush to my face when he was staring at me in amazement. "My hair changes to the same colour as the sky...And my eyes, depending on my mood." I explained, barely able to make out my own words for I was speaking so fast.
"Thats really cool!'' He exclaimed.
"Thanks,"I said, looking down at my feet.
"Did you want me to walk you home? Its getting dark, and Im sure your mother and father wont be happy with you for being home late," He asked politly, walking towards the busy road outside the ally way.
"I...I dont actually have a home...Im a orphan and I wonder around street after street to try find my parents...I earn mony by preforming and get to places by bus or train, or sometimes even foot," I explained looking at my feet again.
"So do I!" He exclaimed, and we both laughed again.
"Where to you sleep?" I asked, perhaps I dont have to be alone anymore...
"Any where, what about you?" He asked, and when I looked into his eyes I saw the same hope that was surly in mine.
"I sleep in the park toilets, once they've been locked Mist flies in there and unlocks it for me...You should come to, then you wont be alone anymore...?" What are you thinking Sky? He probably thinks your a total freak!
"Sure," He said and we walked to the park, talking about our life and how we would preform together tomorrow, with our birds fluttering lovingly behind us.