3. The Dream

It was dark by the time we got to the park, and my arm was still hurting. We visited the local docter, and he stitched my arm up for me and gave me some pilles I were to take when I was in pain.When he asked what had happened,all I could to was say "Im just really clumsy''. Flash was just complimenting my dark blue hair with silver spots in it when Mist flew through the smashed window and unlocked the public toilet door for us. I flicked the light switch, but it was yet again broken. Great, I thought, I lost my candle when...I skipped that thought. I turned and look apoligeticly at Flash.
"The lights not working...So we're going to have to set our beds up in the dark" I explained. Thank god he couldnt see my face, I was blushing so deeply. He smiled in the darkness, I could tell from the gleam of his perfect snow white teeth, and as he smiled yellow sparks lit each one of his teeth. I stared, wouldnt it hurt? Oh I almost forgot, he could controll the ways of electricity. He walked to where the light bulb stood, reeched up his hand and simply taped the light bulb twice and suddenly the hole room was filled with light.
"Tu-duhh!" He said with a mocking smile. I laughed and pulled out all my thick blanckets I stole from the orphanage and lay them down on the floor.
"Do you have any blanckets? Because theres plenty here," I asked, pointing to all the fluffy blanckets on the floor. He smiled a shy smile,
"I think I might have to borrow one or two."

Once our beds were set up, we decided to make a nest for the two love birds. It was made of old clothes being but together to create a circular shape, and the birds nestled in it as if they've lived in it their whole lives. I was past twelve when were decided to go to sleep. Flash whispered to the light bulb and it went down to a faint glow, but you could still see everything around you. I lay there awake, while Flashes soft snoring made me drozier and I finally closed my eyes. I had a dream I was preforming in front of a crowed of unfamiliar people, and as I made all of the street glow yellow, the old librarian was gaining up on a girl who looked exactly like Sky, but her hair was bleached white, with eyes that looked like clouds were passing through them. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her away. It was her. I knew it was.

I woke with a start. Is that what my mother really looked like? Or was it just a figure of my imagination? Whatever it was, she was very beautiful, and resembled Sky in so many ways. I didnt notice someone was it the same room as me until there was a low moan and suddenly an arm was wrapped around my waist. For a split second I thought it was the librarian again, but as I heard the soft snores again I realized it was just Flash. I gently pushed his warm arm away and walked to the mirror. Yes, the resemblance was amazing. I racked through my brain again and again for that figure to come back. Alone. But each time I did see her she was with that horrible old man. I bowed my head and leaned agains the metal troft. Rubbing my eyes.
I heard the rustling of blankets behind me. He was probably just moving in his sleep, I thought. But when two big hands took mine away from my eyes I realized he was awake.
"Whats wrong?" Now that Flash was awake, he looked like he would never go back tosleep.
"Oh, sorry. Did I wake you? I just had a dream." A nightmare, more like it, I added in my thoughts.
"No, Spark woke me up. He thought you were in trouble again." Only then did I notice the bird on his should. I stroked her soft feather with my fingers, and he made a soft chirp and closed his eyes.
"Im sorry," I muttered to the little bird, and kissed his little head.
"You...Um, you better get back tosleep. We have a big preformance tomorrow." He said, with a wide smile.
"Yeah, I suppose..." I didnt realize how tired I was until I stumbled and fell into his chest, but luckily he was quick enough to catch me, and led me to my bed. I lay down and closed my eyes.
"Are you going to tell me about your dream?" He whispered, as if not to disturb me with his question.
"My mum...And that man..." I yawned and didnt finish my sentence, sleep had over powered me. The last thing I remember was Him lowering the lights, stroking the hair from my face, kissing my forhead, and putting his arm protectivly around my waist.