4. Centre Stage

The sky was a bright blue, not a cloud in sight, with yellow sunlight pouring down the pavement. My hair looked exactly like that. My eyes were a dull red when I woke, and Flash still had his arm around me. I tap his shoulder and he smiled when he realized where he was. We got dressed, I soon discovered that he only preforms in certain cloths aswell; Bright yellow jeans and a coal black shirt with lighting bolts flashing on it every time he did a special trick. As I get into my clothes Flash opens the door.
"Its such a beautiful day today, dont you think?" He breathed in the fresh spring air and the two birds flew out and perched on a tree. I walk out of the toilet cubical and run my old brush through my hair. As I watched in the cracked mirror, my eyes began to become a burning red. Yes, today was going to be the biggest preformance of my life. He turned around and looked at me, and his eyes widened.
"Wow," He muttered, looking me up and down. I blushed and looked at my silver shoes. He came and stood next to me.
"Are you ready?" I asked, moving for the floor to collect and fold all the blankets. He knelt down beside me and hepled folded the blankets and put them in my silver ruck-sack.
"Ready when you are," He stood up and pulled my up by the hand. I blushed when they stayed linked with his. But then her removed them when we heard footsteps. I was still very early in the morning. What were people doing up at this hour? We peeked around and saw a bunch of gangly boys take out their spray cans from they're dirty ruck-sack. They started spraying all sorts of different colours onto the walls, writing stupid names and unappropriate words. I roll my eyes and scoop a handful of feather ashes from the little silver bag hanging off my white belt and gently blow it. All the words on the wall disappear, and the boys stare at it in amazment. they try to spray again, but the cans were empty. Flash and I slowly retreat to the other wall and laughed at they're faces.
"Good one!" Flash held up his hand for a hi five, and I slap my hand to his, but his hand curled into mine, ad without a word we started walking to the busy market, ready for our preformance.

There were only a few poeple at the market, so we decided to get our stuff ready. I handed Mist the little black hat, and Flash and I began to practice our magic together. He threw a large ball of electricity out of his bare palms, and before it could hit me, I cartweeled above it and landed on the ball that was now flower petals, I lightly jumped off of it, picked it up with my hands, threw it to Flash, he caught it and with his touch it exploded into a million different coloured butter flies. They flied around and landed on the wild flowers growing on the patch of grass nearby. I whispered to the wind and Flash was lifted off the ground. Agile as a cat, he rubbed his palms together and clapped them twice, and it was soon raining lightning bolts. Some landed in my hair, but stayed in there, leaving glowing yellow sparks in my blue hair.I smiled up at him.We were doing wonderfully. I lowered him down, and danced around him, waving my hands and he slowly began to disappear. When he was fully invisible he thre a million lighting bolts into the air, and suddenly everything was covered in sparks, including his invisible form.
He slowly re-appeard, lifted me off the ground and threw me into the air, where I floated, and he made steps of lighting bolts where the crowed would walk up when they finally awoke and came to do they're shopping. I smiled down at him and lightly landed back on my feet.
"Want to get some break fast before the big show?" He asked, pointing to a bakery with the auroma of freshly backed bread.
"Sure," I walked beside him, fishing out my purse in my ruck-sack, when we were interrupted my a skinny old man with grey heair, wearing thickly lensed glasses that were slipping off his nose.

"E-excuse me," He stuttered, "I saw you preforming back there, and I really saw the potential in it. I work for a magazine company, and we're looking for someone just like the two of you. Do you mind if I get a photo of you? Just to show my editor what I mean?" I looked at the expensive camera that he was holding in his hand.
"Sure," Said Flash, without letting me decide whether I wanted to be in a magazine or not.
"Could you just stand next to each other? And if it were possible, produce sparks, so my editor wont think Im lying? Yes, thats good," He said when it was raining yellow sparks all around us. Flash moved next to me and put his arm around my waiste. I smiled and blinked a few times when the bright light flashed in front of my eyes. The man took two more photos before Flash politly excused us and we made our way to the bakery. But the old man simply followed.
"I hope you dont mind, but Im going to be attending your little show, and I will be taking photos of it for the magazine viewers." He explained, and something about the way he said this made Sky's stomache twist. He had a fake smile about his lips, as if he were much more excited about just putting those photos up in the magazine. Flash looked down at me and saw the worry on my face.

"We would rather you not, thanks, sir. We're not interested in fame, we're just preformers, nothing else." And with that we were walking to the bakery, leaving the old man looking at us in bewilderment. I dont think hes going to have no as an answer, I thought. The bread we ate was warm and filled my stomache, but Mist was much too interested in Spark to eat anything at the moment. When I payed the baker for the bread we walked around the shops to see if anything would come in useful when we preformed. We bought five sharp kitchen knives and some craft gitter. "It would go nicly with the sparks," was all Flash said when we bought it. We went back to the centre of the market, and in big, spark-like letters flash wrote "Big preformance here today at 11:00. Be there!" We sat down and thought about where we would go next. It seemed he was going to follow me whereever as long as I didnt mind. People started gathering around where we stood, and Flash drew a oval where we would be preforming with sparks. The two birds carried the hat in there beaks, and we bagan our show.
I sat down on the ground, legs folded, palms down on the mossy cement,closed my eyes and imagined all the audience was gone. Flash was pirched in the tree. And when I opened my eyes, they were as red as blood. I jumped up into the air and grabbed Flash with me. We twirled in the air, and he sent sparks all through the sky. the people looked in astonishment as we landed back down. I stood in the centre of the circle, and Flash fished out the knives we bought earlier on. The whole crowed gasped when the knives stabbed my body after Flash threw them.I walked around the crowed so they could see for themselvs that it was not fake, went back into the centre, pulled the blades out of my chest and threw all five of them back at Flash. He waved his hand in the air and before they could touch him, they fell to the floor in a pile of ashes. The crowed cheered and threw gold coins into the hat the birds were carrying around. I loped over to the waiting Flash and jumped onto his shoulders. I whispered to the wind and we were lifted into the air. As I was about to jump off I was distracted by the flash of a camera. I looked down to see the old photographer taking pictures of us, and before I knew it I was falling to the cement that seemed forever away. I screamed in panick when the wind disobayed me after I whispered to it. I closed my eyes, waiting for the hard solid floor the shatter all my bones, but before that I felt to strong hands beneath me. Flash had caught me. I stared into his beauiful golden eyes as he stared back into mine.

"What happened?" He whispered franticly to me. I looked down at my shaking hands and tried to slow my heavy panting to a normal breath. Inhale, exhale.
"I...Ahh...I got distracted," I murmured, and he gently put me down on the floor.
"By what?" He asked, looking around the street.
"The photographer we met today, he was taking a picture of us in the air. And before I knew it I was falling and the wind wouldnt help me."
"The photographer? I knew he would cause trouble." By now the crowed had started getting restless.
"Sorry folks, shows over!" Shouted Flash, and we got a few "Boos!" Flash scooped a handful of glitter and threw it to the audience, and before it landed on them they were mixed with the yellow flashes of lighting. The crowed threw a few more coins into the hat. I could see that we didnt have as much as before, we're going to have to do another show, I thought to myself, it wont last us another month.
"Are you hurt?" He asked, examining my body.
"No, Im just a bit shaken is all," I murmured, but when I tried to get up my legs gave way.
"Whoa!" Cried Flash, but he caught me just in time, "your a bit clumsy today." He said with a chuckle.
"Yeah, that kind of happens when you nearly fall to your death. How did you get down to me so fast?" I wondered allowed.
"I can create sparks that boost my speed, you could say they were like rocket boosters or something. Its quite cool." He said, scooping me up once again and taking me back to the park. He set me down on the park bench.

"Im sorry for ruining our prefrmance," I said, blushing.
"Its not your fault, blame that old man, we told him not to come, but he did." He said, clenching his fists together on the bench so hard that his knuckled were white as bone. I grabbed his hand in mine and gently unclenched them. I looked at his palm, and laughed.
"What?" He asked, looking down at me.
"See that line on your palm there?" I asked, tracing the long line that went down his palm, "it means your going to get married one day"
"Yeah, totally. You watch to many cartoons." He said, play-punching my arm.
"Im serious! Got any ideas?" I asked in a mocking voice.
"Yes, just one," He said, and I could feel the disappointment over powering me.
"Who?" I asked.
"Oh, just this thirteen year old girl, with amazing hair and beautiful red eyes that I just met recently," And with that he moved closer to me, wrapped his arm around my waiste and lay his head on top of mine.