5. The Poster

I dont know how long we sat there for, but by the time we moved the sky was bleeding red. I sighed as my hair changed colour yet again. He stroked my hair and smiled.
"Your hair looks so nice when its red," He smiled.
"It may look nice, but my hair is very oily. I think its time for me to have a shower." I got up and swung my ruck-sack over my shoulder.
"Where are you going to shower?" He asked, catching up to me with the two brids twittering away behind us.
"The public swimming pools," I said, running my hand through my hair. "im going to have to buy more shampoo and conditioner if your going to wash your hair, I only have a little left," I noted. He smiled.
"I do have money too you know, your not the only preformer around this town." He said, taking my hand in his. "I'll meet you in the showers, I can buy my own stuff."
"Okay," I said, walking the opposite direction from him. Once I got to the swimming pools I pulled out my green ragged towel, turned the hot water on and washed my hair.I closed my eyes when the hot water hit my face, it felt good. I stayed in there until I heard footsteps and the door opening. I sighed. They were probably going to kick me out for using the shower. I turned the water off and wrapped my towel around my body. By now my hair was blue with orange at the bottom rim. The sun must be almost out of sight. I walked out and made my way to the change room, but there stood Flash, still in his preforming clothes.

"Why didnt you have a shower?" I asked. And blushed when I realized I was dripping and the towel showed up only to the half of my thigh. But he wasnt looking at me. He was looking down, his face as pale as the steam surrounding us now.
"Flash? Whats wrong?" I asked, and walked up to him. I cupped my hand around his cold face and looked into his eyes. he seemed troubled, but why? He closed his eyes at my warm touch.
"Theres something you should see," He said, and took my hand away from his face. "Get dressed" He said flatly. I followed his instructions without a word. He waited outside the door while I go dressed. What was wrong with him? Did I do something he didnt like? I thought through the days we spent together...But I couldnt remember when he ever looked like this. I walked out into the cold night air and wrapped my arms around my chest. He put his arm around my shoulders and held me close, but his whole body was rigged. As we walked he was completly silent. All I could think was that something was terribly wrong, and its going to affect us. He interrupted my thoughts by aruptly stopping. I looked at his face, and he was staring straight ahead. I followed where he was looking, and infront of us was a poster hanging on the street lamp. The poster had a picture of two kids flying in the air, one with blue and yellow hair and red eyes, one with black and yellow, with golden eyes. That was the photo that almost sent me to my death. Below the photo was a "WANTED" written in bold letters, with a reward. Who would want us? I stared at the address at the bottom. "25 Walters Court, California". I have never heard of that before. I took Flash's hand and held it tight. What did this mean?

"We have to get out of here," Flash whispered, when I looked up at him his face was grave.
"Why?" I asked, but I already knew the answer.
"By now everyone knows who we are, they've seen us preforming, they'll want the reward thats being offered." He said, his expression hard.
"Well maybe we should just hand ourselves in? I mean, we can just explain that we've done nothing wrong, that its all just a big misunderstanding. They cant do this to us. We're innocent, right?" He just shook his head.
"If we're going to hand ourselves in, than we need to be prepared. What if they dont release us? Even if we are innocent? We're going to have to train hard before anything, and something tells me that getting to that place isnt going to be easy." He turned and finally looked away from the poster.
"Sky, have you ever felt different from other people? Or have you ever wondered why you can do all the magical tricks that all illusionists would die for? Or why when we met, we were drawn to each other straight away? We have magic in our blood, Sky. And so do many others in this world, but they have all been captured. When I was seven, my mother and father hid me in the secret basement, they explained to me why I was different, and they told me a very, very bad man was after them and everyone like them.They said not to come out of the basement until nightfall. And when I came out, they were gone. Dark Fall is the mans name, and he has captured those with magical blood to create an army, an army that will attack the humans and take over the world. I've been in search for someone like you for six years, and now its up to us to save our family and everyone else." He took my hand again and led me to the side of the road. We sat there in silence while I thought all this over. I was magical? How? And why havnt the army attacked the humans yet?
"How come I dont remember them?" He knew exactly what I meant.
"They probably bain washed you, so if you ever were caught you could tell the complete truth of not knowing anything at all." He explained.
"How do you know all this?" I asked. What did he know that I didnt? He just shrugged his shoulders.
"My parants could tell me alot in five minutes" he said with a laugh.
"Why hasnt the war begun? I mean, they've had six years. Isnt that long enough to persua one to war?" I asked, looking at my feet in confusion.
"Well, Night Fall needs one thing that he doesnt already have." The way he looked at me! He looked so sad to say the rest.