6.Run Aways
"What?" I exclaimed. What does he mean? What have I ever done to upset this Night Fall man?
"You have very special abilities. You can controll all the elements; fire, water, ice, magic and so on, and he is jealous of you, he wants to capture you, drown out all your powers and..." He didnt finish his sentence.
"And kill me?" He only nodded. I felt a lump rise in my throat, and now my arm seemed to be stinging worse than ever. Yet it kind of flattered me to know I was powerful. I couldnt hole back the smile, and I wasnt quick enough to hide it when Flash saw it.
"Why are you smiling? This is serious! Dont you understand? Your life is at risk, we need to train- especially you- And try to defeat this bastard!" The determintaion in his eyes was unbelieveable!
"Okay!" I said in defeat. Yes, my life would be at risk, but this may be the way of finding my parents. And I couldnt help but smiling yet again.

Gun shots were everywhere. Mist and Spark were beating they're wings so fast above us that I thought they were going to drop dead at any minute. Why were people shooting at us? Would they really want that money so bad? Flash and I were running down a steep hill, and the red faced man with old work boots was still chasing us with unbelievable speed for such an old man. I was panting my the time we reached the dark forest on the side of the hill. We leaped through the wild bushes, and I tried as hard as I could to make us invisible, but all I could do was make us look transparent, but the wild man with the shot gun wouldnt give up. He shot in random places, while Flash sent electic currents waving through the bush, making the old man fall on his back side, but he still got up and ran. Flash was infront of me, but he kept turning around and pulling me along. I hadnt eating for two days, trying to hide from all people who may have seen the wanted poster, and most of them have, so I couldnt buy any food. Flash slowed down for me yet again and took my hand.

"Come on! We have to keep going! He'll get you!" He shouted, sending another electric wave.
"Go further on, see if you can find a hiding place. Im ging to try to make myself invisible, but I have to stop running.I'll follow your tracks or the birds will lead me to you. Run!" I uged, holding my side that was burning from my stitch. He took one last look at me before running off. I closed my eyes and pretended I was preforming for an audience. Thats what relaxed me the most. I waved my hands above my chest, just as I had done many times before, and the next thing I knew, I was absolutely invisible. I smiled, but you could still see my foot prints in the mud. I surly wouldnt be able to fly, not with all the vines and low branches everywhere, so I set off running again. The gun shot two more times, but when I looked back he was still far behind, bright red in the face. The birds were guiding me to where Flash lay hidden now, but they were coming in and out of view from flying through the labrynth of branches. I ran and ran, but when I looked down, Flashes footprints stopped.I looked around in panick, but before I knew it two hands wound around me and pulled me backwards. I saw that Flash was taking me to a tunnle hidden by dead bushes and weeds, and vines and moss that made it look like a dead tree trunck. It was a long time before Flash finally let me go, and I found my ruck-sack lying on the floor, with the two birds pirched on a dead branch. They were breathing so fast I thought they're heart was going to jump out of they're chest. I fell to my knees, face down, and slowly became visible again.

"Thank you so much for-" Flash clapped his hands onto my mouth. That seemed to be happening alot latly, I thought. I heard the sound of heavy boots. We both held our breath as they stopped not far in front of the cave, but when he decided to turn in defeat we still held our breath, just in case. I closed my eyes as Flash slowly released me.
"God, you really know how to pick them!" He exclaimed, sitting down on the hard stone floor.
"Me? It wasnt my fault he caught me stealing one of his cabbeges! I havnt eaten in ages!" I cried back. He looked at me sympatheticly.
"Im going to have to see if there are any berries we could eat, or Im going to have to hunt. And if I dont, then the birds are our last options" The birds looked up in alarm, but Flash only chuckled.
"Im kidding!" He said, patting them on the head. As he did so my tummy began to rumble. He sighed.
"You wait here, I'll go hunt some berries or rabbits."
"With what?" I asked. He made and electric buzz send through the cave.
"They wont even know what hit them." And with that, he was gone.

I didnt know what to do then. I was afraid that something would happen to Flash. All I could do was wait. I tried to sleep, but my hunger was to painful. Sometimes it bought tears to my eyes, and I had to wrap my arms around my torso, as if that would relieve the pain, with the birds looking at me sympatheticly as they pecked at the ground, hoping to find some creepy little insects. Eventually I just lie down on the cool stone floor, not bothering to set the blankets up. How could I with barely enough energy to pat the small birds? I scruntched my face up when my tummy howled in anguish, and the next thing I knew, I was sobbing onto my hands. I lay there for nearly two hours, worn out with nothing to do but suffer, and I was surprised the tears hadnt all run out, but they kept streaming down my face, like they would never end. I sobbed and sobbed, making my cry echo through the deep dark cave. I wonder how far it goes? I would have to find out if we got any food soon. Footsteps could be heard outside the cave. But even if it was that crazy old gun men, he would be able to catch me. I failed in saving myself once before, and Flash isnt here to save me this time. I closed my eyes, waiting for the strong hands to clamp around my thin arms, but they didnt, instead they gently pulled me up into their arms. I knew it was Flash. He gently set me down on the old ferns that lay in a corner,  and something told me we werent the only ones who were stranded in this cave once in their lives. I lay my head down. I heard a rustling noise behind me, but had no energy to look. I closed my eyes, but not long after that I was being carried away yet again. Without a word he set me down on the soft, warm blankets.

It was only then that I realized how much I loved her. It was like owning a puppy, and you never knew how much you loved it until it died. When I carried her thin body against my bare chest, I realized blood from the dead rabbits was rubbing against her arm. I moved it so it was hanging limply over my shoulders. I gently set her down on the blankets and raced back to the cave entrance, picking up the two dead rabbits by the ears and the small berries wrapped in my shirt. Was it fait that bought us here? Was there not enough good in the world to be spread equally apart, leaving Sky in this terrible state? As I ran back I saw the two birds fluttering around her. She had her eyes open, and her tear stained face was looking up at me in anguish. Kneeling down beside her, I put the berries one by one in her mouth, and before I knew it, she was eating them her self. We just sat there in silence, while she ate the rest of the berries. Looking around the narrow cave, I realised we needed a fire to cook and keep us warm. Getting up, I collected as many sticks, branches and dead plants, strucking them with lighting and soon we had fire. Whilst warimg my hands besides the burning red flames, I heard footsteps approach me. I looked up so see skys milky red eyes looking down and the fire, the flames dancing in her shining eyes.

"Fire is a beautiful thing,'' she mutterd.
''Except it devours everything in its path.'' I replied quietly.
''Not unless you train it,'' she bent down and put her hands into the flames. They licked up her fingers, and when she removed them there was no soot in sight. ''I practised a few fire tricks once, but never was good enough to the audience,'' she whispered. I didnt reply, it seemed to me that her voice was so magical that mine would just ruin the moment. A breeze blew into the cave, sending the smoke in a frenzy and making me shiver and wrap my arms around myself. Sky walked away but came back with my shirt.
"Here, or you'll freeze to death!" She said, shoving the shirt into my hands. I hurredly put the shirt over my head and put my hands back to the fire.
"Did you want dinner now?" I asked, getting up and standing next to her. She blushed scarlet but still nodded. Walking to the entrance, I grabbed the rabbits that were dangling from a low branch. When I walked back I realized Sky had tears in her eyes.
"Whats wrong?" I asked, checking her scabbing arm for any sign of injury.
"I've never seen a dead animal before," She sobbed. I rolled my eyes. Females. What do you expect? I grabbed a long stick and hung it above the fire, resting it on two large rocks, and hung the rabbits off it to cook. The fur fell off and went into the fire, and then they were ready to eat. Sky began picking at her pile of meat when I served it, whilst my pile was all bones
"Eat,'' I urged her. She shook her head.
"Im not hungry'' All I could do was laugh.
"First you nearly starved to death, sobbing into the floor as helpless as ever, and now your not hungry? You tell me whats wrong with that story?" I asked sarcasticly. She smiled and slapped my shoulder, and soon enough she was scrunching up her face and eating the meat. She leaned against the stone wall and yawned.
"Are you ready for bed?" I asked, getting up and walking to the blankets to re-make them. When I looked at her face, it was as pale as the feather blanket.
"Whats wrong?" I ran to her side yet again.
"I dont want to sleep here," tears began swelling up in her eyes. Oh god. I stood up, taking her hand and pulling her with me, and lead her to the blankets.
"If you want I'll put them more to the fire?" She sniffed and nodded.
"Wait, here," She made a gesture with her hands and the blankest all floated, in exactly the same order they were in, into the air and next to the fire.
"Thanx,'' I muttered to her, leading her back to the fire again. I pulled the blankets back and sat down, and she sat next to me.
"Now why dont you want to sleeo here? It would be just like camping. The fire, the blankets, the cave. Its wonderful, and look at all the nature around us! Its beautiful!" I smiled down at her.
"Its spooky," she whispered. I moved closer to her side and lay her down next to me. She snuggled against my shoulder and closed her eyes.
''Thank you so much," she whispered. I wrapped my arms around her when she shivered, and soon her soft snoring was being heard in the quiet night.
"I love you," I whispered in her ear, she mumbled something in her sleep and pulled me closer to her, and soon enough I was dreaming of the dancing fire under the moonlight.