7. Plans

We awoke to the softly lit embers that were once burning wood, to the birds chirping, and to the soft sound of the wind whispering to the leaves. Flash was still asleep when I looked up at him. I'll just wait until he wakes up, I thought to myself. I waited there for ages and ages, and soon enough I was fried under the warm blankets. I felt my hair with my hand, only to find that I was sweating.
''Argh,'' I muttered under my breath. I began to move from the blankets, but I was forced down by a heavy arm. I turned my neck and saw Flash looking at me with angry eyes. I couldnt say anything. I was too shocked by the look on his face. What had I done wrong now?
''You were going to leave without waking me up? Do you know how dangerous that would have been? Anything could be awaiting you out there! Always, and I mean it, always wake me up before you go anywhere!'' His free hand was balled up into a fist, making his knuckles white as bone.
''I-I wasnt going to go anywhere, it was just hot!'' I said innocently. I looked into his eyes as they slowly relaxed, and his fist was becoming its normal colour.
''Im sorry, I dont know what got over me. I guess I could handle seeing you get hurt again. I just couldnt.'' He closed his eyes and sighed. I gently caressed his face with my thumb.
''Its alright,'' I muttered, relieved. He looked at me and smiled.

''I have a plan, Sky. But I dont think you'll like it.'' He grabbed a strand of my hair. Today it was a great blue.
''Whats the plan?" I asked. Watching his face carefully.
''Your going to have to make me invisible before I can tell you. And I need you to stay right here. Do not move. I will be right back.'' I nodded and turned him invisible by waving my hands above my chest. I felt two warm lips hit my own before I was totally alone. I went and sat down beside the embers. I picked up an old stick and and made it hover above my hands. Looking at the embers and the dead stick, I thought about how I always gave up on fire. I clicked my fingers and made the embers alight and roar into a frenzy of flames. I laughed to myself and went to touch the fire. It licked up my arm passionatly. I could feel the warmth. It was like putting my arm into a warm tub. It was amazing.
I took one big step and soon enough my hole body was inside the flames. I clicked my fingers again and soon the hole cave was in flames. I laughed even more louder this time. I had never been in this much controll of the flames. I leaped through the fire, dancing and spinning gracefully. This was so wonderful! I sighed and stopped the fire, so it was just in the little circle it was in originally, and wiped my hot face. I sat down and thought about how wonderful it was to dance in the red flaring flames. I wonder what it would be like with water? I thought to myself. I would go try, but I promised Flash I wouldnt leave. Now I have nothing to do. Great. I got up again and started walking to the back of the cave. I may as well go exploring in my free time. I walked down the wide tunnel, stepping over rocks and dead branches. Soon enough it was too dark for me to see, and I was feeling my way around the cave, not sure where I was going. Why was I being so stupid? I sighed and clicked my fingers and soon a pearl white ball was illuminating the cave.
The fist size ball hovered above my open hand. The cave began to smooth out, leaving less rocks and branhes behind, until there were no more in sight. I heard a strange noise above me. In panick I look up, but nothing was there. I sighed in reliefe. I look back down at my path. Still nothing in sight. I walk, and suddenly something lands on my shoulder, making me scream so loud that it echoed through the cave. I look down and my shoulder only to see Mist and Spark on my shoulder with they're eyes open wide. I stand there for a few secons with my hand on my heart.
''You scared me to death!'' I whispered at them. I dont know why I whispered. I suppose it just ruined the silence. The birds looked at me with apology in they'r eyes. They flew off my shoulder and hovered above my head. I looked up at them and smile. But suddenly my toe gets hicked on something and I fall, putting my hands out in front of me was a bad thing. All my light was lost from the sudden compact of the ground. My hands were bleeding when I pulled myself up and made more light. I looked to see what I had tripped on.
A stair. Confused, I looked in front of me. Yes, stairs were paced about one metre apart. Who would have built stairs down here? I looked back at the birds. They looked extremely frightened.
''You guys dont have to come,'' I reassured them. They looked at me thankfully and flew away. Now I was all alone. I took a deep breath and began to walk up the stairs, the ball of light hovering helpfully above my hands.
The journey went forever. But it was worth it. When I saw the last six stairs and an old wooden door I knew I had found my destination. I ran up the last stairs and pulled on the heavy metal door knob with one hand, still holding the ball with the other. Slowly it opened. The door was very heavy and took all my strength. I sighed and put the ball of light down. As soon as it hit the floor it was gone. In the darkness I grabbed the door knob again. This time it was easier to open. I only opened it so I could squeeze through the crack. And when I got in there, I was overwhelmed.

I ran through the forest as fast as my legs would carry me. I couldnt leave Sky for too long. When I finally broke through the tough undergrowth I was checking my hole body to see if I were still invisible. Yes. I sighed and began to run up the steep hill, past the green fields and into the town square. There still wasnt much people in the town. Just the shop keepers setting up there goods to sell during the day. I past a Fruit and Veg shop. There was rosey red apples outside the shop. I quietly stalked up there and grabbed the two largest apples there. I put them in Skys bag that was also invisible. I grabbed one more small one for the birds.
It was so amazing. Anything that was in your grasp would also turn invisible. Oh, how much I long for her powers. I sighed at myself. Dont be stupid! Your going the turn into Dark Fall if you keep thinking things like that. I walked past a Chemist and slowly opened the door, making the shop owner jump in fright. I quietly walked to the Hair Cosmetics isle. What would be a good colour for Sky? I thought of all her colours. Of the warm blue, the dark grey, the burning red, and the deep sea blue. I'll choose red. The burning colour of fire. How much I didnt want to have to do this. I picked up two boxes and placed them in the bag and got two brown dyes for myself. Sky always wore her hair down. I grabbed a packet of hair lackys and some hair gel for myself. I slinked past the fair haired counter lady and grabbed some cosmetics for Sky. We need to look very different if we wanted this to work. But there was one problem. Skys burning red eyes and my liquid gold eyes. Walking to the glasses rack I saw the poster of us. This time it was just a picture of us standing there side by side. Looking to make sure the counter lady wasnt watching I ripped the poster from the wall. She jumped from her seat and walked over to inspect the damage. I flung the paper to the floor and began walking to the glasses again. Two black ones will be fine. I wish I didnt have to steal. Especially all this. I sighed in frustration and stuffed the glasses into the bag. I hurredly walked out the door, not bothering to be careful this time. I needed to be quick and get some clothes. I couldnt wait any longer being away from Sky.
I ran into the clothes store and grabbed some jeans. I didnt know what size she was, but her legs were so thin that I just got the smallest size. I grabbed my size jeans, and Jumper for us both and some shirts and shorts. I heard a gasp from behind me, slowly turning around I saw one of the female employes staring straight at me. I sighed and looked down at my body. Yes, My legs had begun to appear. I sprinted to the back door and out of the town, past the rolling hills and through the labrinth of bush. I tripped over a couple of times, making my palms bleed and jeans get grass stains on them. And by the time I reached the cave, I was now just a transparent figure. I walked in the cave, out of breath. I kneeled down on the floor for a few seconds before I realised. Sky. In panick I looked around the cave.

''Sky?!" I yelled, but no reply. My heart was thudding so loudly that the noise was ringing in my ears. Mist and Spark were hopping up and down and squeaking loudly.
''Do you know where she is?" I asked the birds desperately. As if to reply, the bagan to fly to the back of the cave. I ran through, illuminating the cave with a giant spark that hovered above my figure. I leaped over rocks and branches, my heart thudding like the beating drum. The path began to thin out of rocks and branches, and soon I had reached stairs. Leaping from one to another I began to wonder why there was stairs here in the first place. No time to think of that now, I thought to myself. As I kept running up the steep stairs, a glint of gold caught my eyes, still running I looked behind me in confusion, and soon enough I ran straight into a hard wooden object. I groaned and was surprised to see a large door in front of my face. Was Sky in here? Without any patience I yanked the door open, and was soon staring at the beautiful surroundings.

Green fields were surrounding the open area, and running through it was the most beautiful water I had ever layed eyes on, coming from a large waterfall in the back ground and going out to a river unseen. A soft breeze blew a beautiful auroma into my nostrils.The source of the beautiful auroma was coming from hundreds of trees with fist size flowers of baby pink. Coming from a sharp mountain was red hot lava, my eyes widened as the lava and the water met, creating steaming hot water, and sometimes even wave-like rocks. The scene truly was amazing. I heard a splash coming from the left side of the water, away from the lava. Sky. I had completely forgotten about her. Looking around, I saw her splashing about in the water. She swam as graceful as a dolphin. Slowly she swam back to the rocks, and lifted herself out of the water. My eyes widened and I instantly blushed. She was wearing a silver set bikini that suited her thin body so well you'd think it was made for her. She dived garcefully into the water, and slowly her hair began to turn a bright pink. How long had I been gone for? She looked around her again, as if she couldnt get enough of the sight, and when she saw me her eyes widened and she blushed scarlet. I walked to where her clothes lay.

''Isnt this amazing?" She said, swimming towards the bank. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. ''You've got to come in! The water is brilliant!" She exclaimed. I dipped my hand in the water. Yes, she was right. It was brilliant. I sighed and pulled her out of the water.
''I need to tell you my plan before we swim. I wrapped my arm around her and she leaned her head against my chest.
''Okay,'' She sighed.
''We need to diguise ourselves. I bought hair dye and different clothes. This is just so we can walk in public without being recognised. And we need to train before we do anything serious. And, if you ask me, this, this is the perfect place to train.'' I said, examining the surroundings. She nodded and took the bag off my shoulders, she rumaged through it and pulled out the hair dye.
''I cant believe Im going to do this. My poor hair!" She sighed and threw the boxes back in the bag. "Now you have to come for a swim!" She urged, pulling me up on my feet. I rolled my eyes.

''Im not going for a swim.'' She looked at me sadly. But then she smiled and quick as a flash she had pulled my shirt above my face and was pulling me into the water.
''Hey!'' I shouted, and jumped onto her, sending us flying into the water. It was so good on my skin! She pulled my hand under the water and we were swimming hand in hand. The water was so clear that it looked like I wasnt even in water. I closed my eyes and let this moment sink in. Two little hands cupped my face. I opened my eyes, and Skys face was just inches from mine.
''I love you,'' She mouthed, and soon her lips met mine. She kissed me passionately, but she moved her face and swam up, breaking through the surface. I realised my air supply was low and all I could blame was the kiss. I kicked my legs and was soon panting next to Sky. Her cheeks were bright red. Mine were probably just as. I swam next to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. She was so beautiful! Soon her lips met mine again. But as soon as it started, it ended all too quickly.

''Look at us! Two fifteen year-old lovebirds, who are trying to rescue a bunch of unknown magical beings, just the two of us. And here we are, kissing.'' She exclaimed. ''Can we just get the hair over and done with?'' She said, walking out of the water and smoothing her hair down, which was instantly dry by her touch.
''Okay, hold still.'' I said as I squeezed the dye into her long smoothe hair. I only had to use one bottle. "Done," I said after a few minutes. ''Rinse it out once you've done my hair, okay?" She nodded, dried my hair, and began applying the stinky stuff. Her bony fungers massaged my scalp. When she was done she dived into the water, leaving a trail of blood red water behind her. She rinsed it out thoroughly.

"Dont throw those free shampoos out, either. We can use them in the future.'' She noted. After twenty minutes I dived in after her. Both our heads were bobbing next to each other by the time we were sure it was all out. Her hair looked as beautiful as always. We looked up at the sky. It was now dark. I checked her hair to see if it changed. No. Just red. She sighed. I guess she wasnt too happy about losing her ability. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the water.
''Its getting late now. Get dressed and warm and I'll go bring all our equipment back here. Its much safer in this magical landscape then out there. I said, pulling my shirt over my head. I was only meant to give her a little peck, but she hungrily kissed my lips, like it was the last time I would see her. I pulled away from her.
"Settle," I said, pointing my finger at her in warning. I turned my back on her and jogged to the door, pulling it open and running back through the cave.