8. Trainig

Flash came back with all our goods, and soon enough we were sitting by the lava snuggled close together in my thousands of blanckets. I was playing dull fully with my bright red hair while Flash was rubbing my arm. The birds, who had so thankfully lead Flash here, were pirched up in one of the pink  Hibiscus trees. I looked up at Flash. I had never given his perfect features any justice. I stretched my neck and kissed his lips once more bfore I snuggled down, ready for the night sleep to come to me. But no matter how hard I tried I couldnt get to sleep. I sighed in frustration and looked up at Flash. He smiled down at me.
"Cant get to sleep?" He asked in a soft voice. I nodded. He laughed, and moving his finger in the air like a pencile, words were being writted into the sky by lightning lines. The neat writing in the sky made the words 'Go to sleep, my love. Dream happy dreams. I love you'. I smiled and was surprised when Flashes warm hand touched my cheek, and when he turned it it glinted in the light. I was crying.
"I love you." He whispered into my hair, and soon I was fast asleep with a tear stained face.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of cooking eggs. Where did he pull eggs from? I leaned on my elbow and saw Flash cooking two medium eggs on a hot rock over the lava.
"Spark left us a little surprise,'' He said when he saw me up. I wrapped my arms around my shoulders and yawned massivly. For some unknown reason I knew today was going to be different, tough. I was waiting for something to happen, that was going to change me forever. But why was I having these sensations? I had no idea. I felt feebly for my hair and pulled some starnds infront of my face. The blood red colour had now fainted to a wine red through the night. I guess the hair didnt look too bad. But what did it look like on me? As I watched the eggs cook and sizzle, Flash began to whistle to a familiar tune. I dont know why it was so familiar. I had never heard such a devestatingly beautiful tune. I began to hum to it. Flash looked at me in astonishment.

"How do you know that tune?" He asked, his eyes widening. I shrugged and stopped humming. I gush of wind blew the smell of cooked eggs into my face, and I didnt know how hungry I was until my mouth began to water.
"I dont know. I just sounds familiar. But I've never heard it in my life.'' He looked at me in confusment. ''What?" I asked blankly.
"That song is unknown to anyone but the gifted. And seen as you must have been brain washed, you shouldnt be able to remember a thing!" He announced. I thought hard about this.
"Perhaps not everything was completely drawn away." I mused.
"The lyrics are beautiful. But they end quite sadly." He said quietly, looking down at the magnificently red-orange lava.
"What are they?" I asked insantly. How I would love to know the words for such a wonderful tune such as this one. Suddenly he became very pale and clamy. He looked down at his feet quickly and sighed.

"Never mind,'' he whispered in a dark, scared voice. I blinked stupidly. I smelled something burning and looked at the eggs. They were sizzling and protesting at the heat. I swiftly grabbed an old dead stick and scooped the two eggs up and put the on a cool rock beside me. When I had done so I looked back at Flash. He seemed to have recovered himself and was now rummaging through the bag. He pulled out a pencil, some foundation and some mascara, I looked closly at the pencil only to find that it was a coal black eye liner. I instantly new what was going on. We're going to have to disguise ourselves.
"I hope you know how to use these," He said without looking at me. ''Because I have no idea what they do.'' He said with a forced laugh.
"Yeh, I used to watch the lady who used to take care of me when the orphanage owner was out getting drunk use these.'' I explained. I picked up the cosmetics and walked over to the water. I looked at myself in the reflection.
''Oh and here are some hair lackys and a hair brush for your hair." He said after he smoothed out his now brown hair with the brush. He pointed his finger at his hair, sending a little zap run through it, so it spiked up in all directions. I ran the brush through my hair, I tied it up in a high pony tail and applyed the make-up. When I was done I didnt even recognise myself.
"First we need to go out into the town,'' He explained while eating his hot egg.''We have to see if anybody does recognise us. If so we have to find a new way of getting around. If not, we get equipment.''
"Equipment?" I asked blankly.
"To train."

As we walked slowly up the hill towards the town, we talked about the kind of training.
''We need to do physical and brain training. Physical for if you havnt got any energy left for fighting and brain for your mind tricks. We need to work hard and stay undercover. But we must get moving in atleast a week. If we stay in one place for too long then we will never find him.''
''But how will we ever find such a hideout as the one we have already?!'' I didnt want to go somewhere else. This place felt so safe, being so unknown to the world.''
''We will visit it when we defeat Dark Fall.'' He said without much enthusiasm. You mean If we defeat him? I added in my head. We just reached the top of the hill when two golden coated dogs ran past. We looked to see a man with a news paper sitting on the grass while his children and dogs played.
"He will know who we are. He obviously reads the news quite often.'' He said and started speeding his pace, eager to get closer to the man for recognition. The man looked up at us as we approached
''Are you two lost?" He asked,"Not very many people wonder around these parts. The forest is said to have horrible foxes roaming the borders." He looked at us with pale eyes. He didnt seem to have known who we were. Lets see if he knows our voices.
"No, we are fine. We were just going for a nice walk. Should you really be letting your young children play if there are said to be forxes roaming? Dont you think it is unsafe?" Flash asked while motioning his hands to the two fair haired children. The man thought about this for a minute.
''I guess your right.'' He said, and as if he didnt even care about his childrens safety, he continues to read his news paper. Flash looked down at me and put his thumbs up. As we walked away we heard a terrible scream coming from a child. I looked behind me in panick and was about to run to see what happened when a big hand wrapped around around me, stopping me from any escape.

''What are you doing?! His children are in trouble!" I screamed, trying to yank myself away.
''I warned him. He didnt care. So leave it.'' He said, his beautiful eyes so convincing that I just closed my mouth and nodded.
''Right, we need to split up. People would be looking for a pair. You will go to the shops and buy some more clothes and bags. I know that we need more. Buy other stuff that we may need. Such as soap or anything else. I will go to the sports shop and buy what we need.''
''I havnt got enough money for all that.'' I muttered. He rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a big heavy velvet bag.
''I have been saivng this money for something like this.'' He pulled out two fifties, three twenties and three tens.''This should do.'' And without another word he parted in the other direction.
Sliding the money into my back pocket, I had the bigges urge to turn and help the poor child. But I need to help myself first. And my family. And all the other captives. I sighed and stood tall, walking towards the shops on the right hand side of the square. As I walked, not many people even noticed me. I smiled to myself when I had past the old man who had taken the photo. I pulled the glasses from my pocket to hide my eyes, waved my hand slightly, and the wind blew so harshly that his lense popped off his camera, his coffee spilt on his shirt and his glasses slipped from his face and broke into two on the side walk. He looked around in alarm. But I just kept walking and entred the clothe shop.
I walked to the girls section and rummaged through the jackets. Picking up a black and white jacket, then walking to the pants, shirts and shorts. I grabbed two black shirts, I pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts. Making sure no one looked, I sneaked into the bras and undies section. Grabbing three pairs of white undies of the right size, I thought about how my body was developing more, and that my bra was getting a little small. I grabbed two plain bras and quickly went to the boys isle. Picking the same amount of clothes for Flash, it all came up to one hundred and thirty five dollars. I walked to the cleansing isle and got some soap, a toothbrush each, toothpaste, and, unfortunately, some pads. Yes, I will need to be prepared. Hopefully I wont get it through training or when Im in battle. I laughed to myself when I pictured myself bleeding and thinking, ''Oh God''

Once out of the shops I walked around to the food cafes. I thought it would be nice to buy Flash a nice lunch with the twenty dollars left. I picked out a nice fresh salad with two chicken legs and a bottle of water. I bought myself  a large apple and headed back towards the sport shop. I walked and walked, and soon discovered that I had no idea where I was going. I was in an old deserted corner when I decided the only thing left to do was go back. But it was getting crowded, and I didnt want to risk being recognised. I sighed to myself and sat on the curb. My fingers were tingling, I hadnt used my magic in a long time. Back when I was in the orphanage, the lady used to think that I had a hand disorder because they would jerk so violently because of the lack of use they were getting.
Accross the road from me I saw a little flower bed, only the flowers were dried up and crumpled. Looking over my shoulde, I made sure no curiouse eyes was laying on me, then,once sure no one was looking, I moved my fingers in unkown ways, and the flowers slowly began to turn green at the stems, then the brown petals began to tun a brilliant purple. The colour truly was amazing. I tingling in my fingers settled, and soon I heaved myself off the ground, carrying the food and clothes with me. Instead of following the road back the way I came, I walked quickly to an old creapy allyway, where once again I made myself invisible to prying eyes, and began to float higher into the air. This was my only option. I tightened my grip on the bags and flew all over the town, when finally I found the little sports shop, right at the corner.
I flew to the back of the shop and became visible before walking to the entrance, where I waited paitently for Flash, but he was taking forever. I sighed and made a thin rope appear out of nowhere and tied it to the pole, connecting the bags before entreing the shop. Flash was carrying a heay looking punching bag, and was now examining a tread mile that was at a very high price. I walked over to him.
"Your kidding, right? How do you suppose we get that back, even worse, around the country?" I asked sarcasticly. He smiled and wound his hands around my waist, resting his forhead against mine.
"Have you forgetten why Dark
 Dark Fall is trying to get you? If you can completely change the earth with the click of oyur fingers, then surely enough you will be able to make things inivisible and hover above us as we walk?"
"Point taken," I laughed. He bent down and kissed my lips softly, before pulling away and leading me to the counter to purchase our goods.

Once back at the cave, I realised just how much I will miss this wonderful atmosphere.The red red lava, blue lovely water, the trees, and their pink petaled flowers. I love it all. But soon it is to be abandoned, probably never even thought of again. I sighed and watched as Flash hung the boxing bag from a strong branch and climbed up the tree, tightening its ropes. I sat there watching as his muscle flexed on his strong bare arms, his chest shining from sweat. He jumped down and loped towards me with a smile playing around his lips. I wondered why he could be so happy when we were in such danger. Once he reached me, he played with my red hair and twirled it in his finger.

"Theres something you might want to see,'' He said, showing a smile that he couldnt hold back any longer. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the tree which he had just jumped down from. The shape of the tree looked highly difficult, I just stood there staring at it. He laughed, as if reading my mind, and put both hands on my waist and pulled me up. I grabbed the first firm branch I could find and pulled myself up onto the trunk the the boxing bag hung on, waiting for Flash to easily pull himself up. He put his finger to his lips, signalling me to be quiet, then pointed above his head, where two large sticks grew together, making a little room for a nest fit for a bird the size of your fist. Slowly pulling myself up to get a better look, I saw the single egg that lay in the center, which was warmly crammed with feathers and fluff. The egg, which was patterened stargnly with turquoise coloured blotches. It was as long as my pinkey and round and smooth, and sitting protectivly next to it, was Spark.
I quickly ducked back and smiled a smile so happy, it caused me to slip and crash into Flashes arms. He caught me, lost his balance and we both went tumbling down. We landed, tangled in each other, and laughed at the clumsiness of my excitment. Between laughes were kisses, and between kisses were pants. We rolled onto our sides and sat there, catching our breath. The wind was hot and sticky, and I had the biggest urge to just dive into the water. So I did. I stood up, pulling Flash with me. I took my shirt off, revealing my bra, and quickly dived into the water before he noticed my half nackedness. He just jumped in, already being half nacked, and swam towards Sky. She twirled her hands in the air, causing a vortex of water to rise up, like a blue cyclone. I pulled me and Flash into the center, and soon we could both breath, for the center was all air. The water spun around us, forcing our bodies together. The water was just as good as the fire.